I live in NY – you live in Montreal. How can you be my coach?

Good question. The answer is pretty simple; Coaching sessions take place on the phone or via webcam. So yes, you can be anywhere in the world and I can still be your coach.

Isn’t technology awesome?

Phone?! Webcam?! Nah, aren’t in-person sessions much better?

That’s what many of my clients said before they tried it.

They swore that it would never work for them. Some were used to in-person sessions from previous coaches they had worked with. Others had even tried phone sessions before and it hadn’t worked out. 

Ask them today, and they’ll tell you how they find it much more effective and enjoyable this way. 

Here are several reasons why:

  • You get to stay in a place where you are fully comfortable and at ease (no traveling or formal offices).
  • Fewer distractions. Yes, really. When you’re sitting in someone’s office it’s pretty easy to get distracted by the decor, the view, and what-not. So you’ll listen with half an ear and still be able to continue the conversation because you’re in the same room. But if you get distracted by things while you’re on the phone with me – then conversation’s over pretty quickly.
  • It forces both of us to be more focused. Since we can’t see each other, we cannot rely on body language for clues. So we both have to really listen. (This is actually the main reason why regular coaches have a hard time with phone sessions- unless they’ve been trained for it as I’ve been)

And here’s a little secret…

I (like many other people) concentrate best when I can move around. So while I’m on the phone with you I’m walking around, sitting down, getting up… and you get me at my best; full energy, fully focused.

Now, if you’re sitting in front of me… I can’t exactly do that…

Still doubtful? Try it!

I challenge you to schedule a FREE SESSION and see for yourself if it will work for you!

What training/recommendations do you have?

I became a coach through Robbins-Madanes Training (RMT), well known to be the best coach training in the world. I later took additional training through Strategic Intervention Bootcamp.

And I’ve never stopped learning since. This includes some smaller courses in Time Management, Sales, Weight Loss and Creating Lasting Change.

I am constantly learning, expanding my knowledge and honing my skills so that I can deliver the best for my clients.

Recommended by Rabbonim and Dayanim in my community (contact me for more info.).

Any references available?


Feel free to reach out and I’ll be glad to share with you their contact info.