Learn To Appreciate People (Yiddish video)

Do you appreciate the people in your life?

I know that some of them you do; You know, the ones you like. The ones you can relate to.

What about those who rub you the wrong way? The ones you just don’t get?

Do you appreciate them as well?

Or do you just try to avoid them?

Recently, I received several questions & comments about the way I view other people.

I had updated my LinkedIn profile and I got asked how come I see all humans in such a positive light when in their experience most people are bad with some amazing people among them?

Well, it wasn’t always this way.

In today’s video, I explain why I feel the way I do – and how you can too with just one simple thought to keep in mind.

Check it out!

Oh, and as always, I’d love to hear what you have to say, so make sure to leave your feedback in the comments below the video!

(Some things just get lost in translation… We’re sticking to Yiddish videos for now, but with English subtitles so that everyone can enjoy them. However, if you do know Yiddish, then make sure to watch with the sound on… it’s that much more geshmak!)

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