Three Levels of Relationship With Clients (Yiddish Video)

What level do you play at?

There are three levels of relationship with clients.

Really any type relationship, but we’ll talk about how these three levels apply to your relationship with your clients.

Because here’s the fact; depending on which level you play – you can expect very different results.

(Be aware that we can often switch between levels and play at different levels at different times.)

I’ll just ask one thing; Please, be honest with yourself and know which level you’re really playing at.

Only then can you take the necessary steps to change things, if needed of course.

Check it out!

(Some things just get lost in translation… We’re sticking to Yiddish videos for now, but with English subtitles so that everyone can enjoy them. However, if you do know Yiddish, then make sure to watch with the sound on… it’s that much more geshmak!)

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